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Ron McDonald House Outreach Service - Centre for Attitudinal HealingThe Young Adults Group co-ordinate our small service outreach at Princess Margaret Hospital's Ronald McDonald House.

Once every two months we provide an evening meal for the parents and children who are in residence in the house. The Centre is very grateful for the dedicated core group of members and informal associate members who are so generous with the meal and so giving of their love and energy.

The recipients of this service from our Centre are families who come from the country or interstate with a very sick child in need of hospitalisation. Often with an illness such as cancer their hospital stays can be as long as long as 12 months.

This is often an upheaval for other children in the family if one parent has to stay with the sick child. It puts strain on relationships and can cause financial stress.

Ron McDonald House Outreach Service - Centre for Attitudinal HealingWhen weary parents who have spent all day sitting by sick children in hospital or anxiously awaiting results of tests or surgery on their sick child - the very last thing they want to do is cook a meal. After cooking, we sit down and share a meal, listen and provide a tiny space for them to just be.

This Outreach has a Dual Purpose

1). The preparation time between 5pm and 6:30pm is a great way for those who are providing the meal to meet, have a glass of wine and work together to have the meal ready to serve at 6:30pm when the parents and children start to come in from the hospital. There is nothing like a shared and focused task to join, build and strengthen our connection with each other.

2). The small space and holding we provide in the midst of an often fearful and chaotic day for the families is 'Service in Action'.

If you would like to be informed about upcoming Ronald McDonald House evenings please email for more information.

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