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The first International Centre of Attitudinal Healing was established in USA in 1975 by well known psychiatrist and author, Dr. Jerry Jampolsky.

In 1986 a small group of Western Australian psychologists, doctors and business people founded a Healing centre at Serpentine.

In 1988, a doctor and psychologist from Perth visited the original Centre in California, and brought back its principles to Western Australia. In 1988, they invited Dr Jampolsky to WA and then founded The Western Australian Centre for Attitudinal Healing. Now our local Western Australian Centre is one of 140 similar, though independent, Centres throughout the world.

The universal spirit concept of that Love is the most important power in the universe is the key to the Centre's entire philosophy. Health is defined as Inner Peace. Peace is achieved through creating hope in hearts and love in our lives.

The Centre is non-denominational or sectarian. It does not discriminate on the basis of any belief system, ethnicity or socio-economic status.

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