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Attitudinal Healing comes to us through the work of Dr Gerald (Jerry) Jampolsky who founded the first Centre in Tiburon California in 1975.

It is a way to transform the conflict, fear and separation that can easily dominate our personal lives. It is based on the premise that within each of us - regardless of age, language, religion or culture there is an essential quality of being that is creative, peaceful and whole. This essence is called Love and can be expressed at any moment through our conscious choice.

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Attitudinal Healing teaches that people or circumstances do not cause us conflict or distress: instead it is our own thoughts, feelings and attitudes about people and events that produce our struggle.

By exploring the conflict and fear within ourselves we combine our own willingness with love's healing energy. With persistence and patience our inner fears and conflict can be healed.

Attitudinal Healing recognises that love and fear are our only emotions. All feelings arise from one or the other. Love-based emotions extend joy, respect, happiness compassion and peace. Fear-based attitudes project confusion, anger, judgement and conflict.

The Centre for Attitudinal Healing in Perth is a not-for-profit registered charity that is committed to helping people who want more from life and to do things differently.

The Choice is Ours...

Attitudinal Healing is a re-training process, learning to see ourselves and others in a different light, to look at life positively. In Attitudinal Healing we learn that by changing our minds, changing the way we look at everything and our attitudes about everything, we can change our lives.

"The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings by changing the inner attitudes of their minds can change the outer aspects of their lives" -William James

Thus Attitudinal Healing is the process of changing our way of seeing our lives from fear, inadequacy and insufficiency to love and sufficiency. As we do this we find that everything changes; our lives, our relationships, our work, our inner state, even the behaviour of those with whom we live and work.

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